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France Hair Inspiration 

Okay well Mother wouldn’t let me do a look book as she was packing for France.  This was my freaking plan for this post and I have now got to change it.  Do not fear though, as in France I’ll…


A BIG Update Post!

Hey! The reason I titled this ‘A BIG Update Post’ is not because I have a big update (as in something exciting and something that will change this blog forever) but because I have a post consisting of many many little…


Braces news

I feel pretty guilty for my lack of posting and I know I have let myself and you guys down.  SHAME ME NOW!! I’m only human … So this, this is why at 10:00pm I have decided to start composing…


Ideas Of What To Do When You Are Bored :D

Okay so firs, before you all yell at me madly and hurt me (please don’t) I CAN EXPLAIN.  I started school again and it was too much pressure to even think about my laptop – I know, how odd.  It…


Day Tripping In Ireland!

An overview of my past two days in Ireland with some cutsey pictures of me looking out to sea and all that jive. Just take a look, enjoy, and follow for more! ♥


Sakura Bath Bomb Review

The Sakura bath bomb by lush is okay. The smells are really floral so if you like floral scents this is definitely for you. Personally I prefer sweet smells, or fruity ones, so the floral scent didn’t really go down…