Easy Student Meals with Schwartz!

Recently I’ve been trying to get into cooking more – as I’m hoping to attend university in September and my current cooking skills are less than adequate, I’ve been looking to improve on that and have gathered a few recipes which are not only very easy, but taste great too!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favourites at the moment, which is this pepper and garlic chicken salad! It’s really simple to make, and tastes amazing – I’m such a huge fan of salads as they’re so versatile. You can add whatever you want & completely change the flavour of your meal with the help of some veggies and, most importantly, spices! Schwartz have offered to work with me on this post, and sent their Pepper & Garlic Steak Seasoning for me to create something around. I personally don’t eat steak, so I used chicken instead, but it still tasted great, showing how you can use this product across the board & in so many different meals!


For this salad I used chicken as my meat, and also spinach, red peppers, avocado & feta cheese. The great thing is that you can use any veggies you want in this – I’d recommend sticking to a bed of leaves of some description, lettuce, spinach or whatever you’d personally like. Then, you can go wild – add more veggies than me or less if you’d like, I think tomatoes would also taste great in this.

The main step to the meal however is prepping the chicken. I used one medium chicken breast, diced it, and coated it in olive oil and lots of the Schwartz garlic & pepper steak seasoning. I let it sit in this for about fifteen minutes whilst I prepped the veg for my salad, and then fried it off until it was cooked through, on a relatively high heat. This took me around 10-15 minutes in total, so it’s a really quick but still super tasty meal. It’s perfect to use up whatever veg you have in the house, as the chicken tastes great with everything.

I served the salad with croutons & lots of balsamic vinegar as it’s my favourite, but you can really choose whatever dressings and sides you’d like! It’s great for lunch, or if you make it a little bigger & serve with some sweet potato fries it would be an amazing dinner!  It’s such an easy meal – my cooking skills are virtually none existent and I think it tasted pretty great.

You can buy the Schwartz pepper & garlic steak seasoning here!

I really enjoyed this salad, and I hope this post has inspired you in some way to try out something new!  Seasonings like this one from Schwartz can so easily make a meal taste a hundred times better, they’re a really cheap way to elevate a boring old dish because the spices last for ages.

Soph xx

*Schwartz have sent me (this product) for review, but all views are my own*.



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