Bondi Sands Glo Lights Review

Summer has now ended, and we are coming into Autumn – I’m currently planning out my Halloween costume, and nothing screams Autumn more than Halloween.  Anyway, in the wake of the lovely summer months, I’ve come here (after what can only be described as a very very extended hiatus – sorry about that, post incoming to explain why and where I went) to run you guys through one of my favourite products of the summer; the Bondi Sands Glo Lights in Bronze Lights.

Bondi Sands Glo Lights Flatlay

Towards the end of summer (just before I went to Reading festival actually, where I used this product a LOT), the lovely team over at Bondi Sands sent me the Glo Lights in Bronze Lights to try out.  The product is essentially a mix between a cream and liquid highlighter which you can use on your face and body, which is what really sold it to me. I am a total sucker for trying to look as glowy and tanned as possible in summer (perks of being very very fair skinned – I burn, and have never tanned in my life.  At best, my freckles multiply and give the illusion of a tan, but that’s it.), and so this product was perfect for allowing me to do that.


I am a huge fan of this formula – it’s really quite hydrating, meaning when you wear it, it doesn’t develop into that crusted up look that I’ve found some highlighters can, and it makes your skin feel super soft and moisturised.  Not only that, but when this stuff dries, it isn’t budging all day.  Literally.  I wore this on my body at Reading Festival on probably the hottest day of that weekend – it got to 30 degrees!  We were very lucky with the weather, but even I (who adores the heat) found it way too hot to function in.  Anyway, I digress, this stuff didn’t come off me at all that day – I was shining away into the silent discos in the evening, that’s how good the lasting power is.

The colour was lovely, it gave off a really nice sunkissed look.  Bondi Sands also have two other colours in this range, and I’d be interested to try them both out!


My absolute favourite use for this is to mix it into my moisturiser/serum in the morning.  I use it almost every day for this function, and even now we’re in Autumn, I have no plans of stopping soon.  Doing this gives my makeup the most wonderful base, really glowy and radiant, and makes my makeup look that bit better for the whole day.

Another way I used it over summer was putting it onto my collarbones and shoulders – this makes any bikini look amazing, and you seem to have just stepped out of a trip to the Caribbean.  I am yet to use it anywhere else on my body, though I definitely will be doing next summer.  This is definitely an essential for me in summer.

Bondi Sands Glo Lights Swatch

Have you ever tried Bondi Sands Glo Lights?  Let me know below!

Soph xx

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