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If you’re anything like me then your hair really gets in the way sometimes and starts to get quite annoying.  I’ve had long hair all my life (well, I did get it cut the other day and now it’s mid length, as opposed to being down to my hips) and I always find that I’m tying it up out of my face or trying to scrape it away from my vision whilst I’m working because it just gets in the way.   I’ve always been on the lookout for something I can use which would actually accomodate my hair; like I said, it’s long (ish) but also really thin so hair ties and normal claw clips tend to just slide out of my hair after a while.

That’s why I was so interested in Linziclip – so when they offered to send me some of their products to test out, I couldn’t resist! They make claw clips with an entirely new design.  Claw clips haven’t had a design change since 1989, and like many other people, I’ve found they’re just a bit useless for my hair and SO uncomfortable.  This is where Linziclip come in; they make claw clips with an entirely new design so that you can rest your head back on them without them digging in as the back of the clip lays flat to your head.  The linziclip has a pretty good hold too – I find that some versions of the clip, for example the mini, have a much better hold for my hair than larger versions such as the maxi or midi, but I’d put this down to the texture of my hair which is very soft and silky.  If you have thicker and more coarse hair then these clips would surely work wonders for you and stay in your hair all day.

Group photo of all Linziclip produtcs

I was sent three versions of the Linziclip; the maxi, the midi and the mini.  The clip I was most excited about trying was the maxi as it is designed for fine and thin hair, which is exactly what mine is!  It’s a far longer length clip than the rest of the linziclips, which I think helps accommodate for any extra length to the hair.  I loved the gray colour it was sent in; it’s great because is so neutral, and so will basically look good with anything you wear it with.  The springs are hidden really nicely – I find this really helps not only with making the Linziclip look effortlessly chic and really good in the hair, but it also stops any hair tangling around the springs and subsequently being pulled out of your head (you’ be surprised, but the amount of hair I lose to clips and bobbles is ASTONISHING).  If anything, my hair was a touch too long for this product when it was down to the very base of my back, however I’ve now had it cut to a little below the boob and it’s a good length, even if it is still a touch too long to be fully tied up in the maxi clip.  You can use the maxi clip as a big ponytail holding device, and while this is definitely not the most fetching of looks, it is so so so comfy and I’ve been wearing my hair this way whilst working a lot recently.


The next clip I was sent was the Midi which is designed for medium to thick hair.  I personally didn’t see the use of the thick hair clip as mine, as I mentioned previously, is very thin, however I think it definitely does work on thinner hair too.  I’ve used this to do a half up half down style recently and it has held up my hair really nicely; I love the flat back of these clips as they make leaning back onto them really comfy.  I feel that this compensated for my thin hair really nicely, which makes me a little dubious as to whether or not it would actually hold thick hair very well; I have seen a few reviews stating that it does not hold thick hair all too well which I can imagine is a bit disappointing if your hair is thick.  I love the navy blue design with little diamantes, it makes the linziclip look really luxurious and it looks great in the hair!


The final clips I was sent was a three pack of the Minis, which are suitable for all hair types.  Before I get started talking about these, I have got to touch down on their gorgeous blue floral print! It’s making me feel so in the mood for spring and I can see myself getting loads of use out of them in the coming months!  Now, these clips are much smaller so wouldn’t be adequate for styling your whole head of hair, especially if it was thick; they’re much more suitable for pinning back sections of your hair and I think they look really beautiful when you have sections of hair pinned off either side of your face.  They have a really nice hold, however I find these to be a little flimsy compared to the other clips.  The gripping teeth seem a lot more fragile and the clips at the side open quite clunkily, which often leads me to think I’m at risk of breaking the clip, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for!  I do, however, think they’re the most universal of all the clips and would definitely be suitable for any type of hair – I’d really love to try some other designs!


Overall, I’d say that the Linziclip is a really great new take on the old-fashioned claw clip, and they have excellent grip – plus, the idea of different clips having a different suitability for certain hair types is really interesting, although having only got thin hair I’m not able to testify to how they work!  I really love all the designs as well, and I think they are a really worthwhile hair accessory, even if the little ones seem ever so slightly flimsy.

Did you enjoy this review?  Have you tried Linziclip?  If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments as I’ll see you on Saturday with another post!

Soph xx



    • February 15, 2018 / 12:33 pm

      They’re really great hair clips!

  1. March 2, 2018 / 3:27 am

    Great Post. Amazing Review.

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