My Top Tips For New Bloggers | How To Get The Best Out Of Your Blogging Experience

I’ve been a blogger for two years plus now, and my blog is definitely not the greatest, although I feel like I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way to make blogging easier, some which I really wish I’d known earlier.  I also have some general advice that probably stands for every single blogger.  So here it all is, compiled into one, huge messy post which may or may not help you.

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1. Always Check Your Posts

Before you post something, make sure to read it over, even if only skimming.  It’s important to know what you’ve written, and try read it from a viewers perspective.  Is it engaging and down to earth, do you think the reader will enjoy reading it?  Of course, only ever post what you want to post and post which reflect you, but make sure they’re interesting and you’re passionate about whatever you’re talking about; from a book, to a lipstick to poetry or even current news in the world, always be passionate.  Also, spellcheck before you post!  Spellings are really important, as not only do they infuriate the common grammar police when they’re reading, but they make your blog seem unprofessional.  We’re all humans and we all make mistakes but they can be rectified due to the lovely internet, it’s red squiggly lines and your best friend the spellcheck button.

2. Be Active With Other Bloggers

You can’t expect to grow your blog and have people who want to visit it unless you interact with other bloggers.  I always check out lots of blogs in the comments of other peoples posts, like and comment on some posts and if I like what I see, I follow them.  You can do this on wordpress pretty easily, and platforms such as Bloglovin’ (which you really should get right now) allow you to easily interact with blogs from blogspot or ones which have their own domains.  Some of these people are going to come back to your blog and check it out, maybe even give you a follow.  You shouldn’t beg for them to come follow you in comments, as this genuinely can be annoying, however a ‘I really enjoyed this post & would love for you to check out my blog!’ isn’t going to be too annoying – I know I don’t find these sorts of comments annoying as I like to help blogs grow, but it varies from blogger to blogger.

3. Social Media Is Your Friend

really wish I had known this sooner, because it was only at the one year mark when I got twitter, and even more recently Instagram.  Personally, I prefer twitter for promoting my blog and interacting with other bloggers but Instagram is great for discovering other blogs.  Twitter is my main social media, and I love it because you really can get good engagement from there.  Promotion accounts are great and I’d really encourage that you used them (I love @thebloggershub_) and hashtags such as #bblogger, #lblogger or #fblogger, can be really useful for finding blogs and having people discover yours.  The hashtag #PRrequest is also great for finding brands to work with, which will make your blog seem a lot more professional, and lets be honest, it’s just too exciting when you get free stuff!  I’m going to plug myself now, because how can I not, so follow me on twitter here and Instagram here.

4. Don’t Compare Your Blog To Anyone Else’s

This literally can be so damaging.  I used to compare myself to people with 100 followers, back when I only had about ten.  I try not to compare myself to anyone now, because someone is always going to be more successful than you and you can’t change that, but you can grow your blog and improve it.  If you love the way someone takes pictures, learn from it and try improve yours! Find somewhere which has good lighting, search for good editing software and apps, and get inspiration from places like Pinterest!  You can always improve, learning from other people’s blogs instead of comparing yourself to them is so much more constructive.

5. Photography Is Key

Having nice looking pictures on your blog is something that I think really matters.  As people, we like to look at things and make split second decisions as to whether we’re going to take the time to look at something, and I think this choice is greatly influenced by pictures; if they look nice and Instagram worthy, if they’re eye catching and show something we want to see – all this tells us if we’re going to click something.  Therefore, you should make your images as good as possible in order for people to want to click something.  If your pictures are dark and hazy and grainy, nobody will want to look at it but if it’s bright and airy with a flawless white background, or bold and exciting, chances are people will want to see what you’ve got to say.  It doesn’t take much to make a nice photo, and don’t put me up there as the queen of photography because as we all know, I’m pretty shit, but all you need is a decent camera on your phone.  You don’t need to have a really huge canon DSLR camera and studio lights, your phone camera will do fine.  Some great editing apps are VSCO, or the editing features within Instagram.  I usually use my IPhone 6 to take pictures, or a larger canon camera which I have.  You need some basic props which you more than likely have or can get really cheaply, and this post outlines some of my favourites, all the while giving some great advice on photography.

I hope these tips were useful to you, what tricks and tips do you know of which I haven’t included?

Soph xx



  1. March 4, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    I agree with all of these tips! Great advice😊♥️

    • March 4, 2017 / 10:17 pm

      Thank you! ♥

  2. March 4, 2017 / 10:55 pm

    I totally agree with you!! It took me a while to learn some of these things, especially the importance of being active with other bloggers. When I first made my blog, I didn’t read any other blogs–but it is such an important (and fun!) part of being a blogger.

    • March 4, 2017 / 11:16 pm

      Me too! I used to just think that I’d miraculously find people when you actually have to put effort in to others blogs to receive effort to yours! It’s really fun discovering new blogs! X

  3. March 5, 2017 / 8:49 am

    Loved this! I’ve only been blogging for about 6 months so any tips are so gladly appreciated! 🙂 I’ve nominated you for some blogger awards over on my blog this morning! Chloe xxx

    • March 5, 2017 / 3:18 pm

      Wow thanks so much, I’ll definitely do them❤️❤️

    • March 5, 2017 / 8:16 pm

      Thanks so much! x

  4. March 15, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    These are some great tips; I think what I have to keep in mind as I have only had my current blog for a little over a month is that great things and becoming’s do not happen overnight. Patience is very important.

    ~ Bre

    • March 15, 2017 / 5:59 pm

      Patience is so important, and you have to understand that bloggers who are successful have been at the game for so long & put in such hard work and effort. Great things will happen, they just don’t come without hard work! X

      • March 15, 2017 / 6:32 pm

        That is so true; looking even at other social influencers on other platforms, they did not get to where they were overnight….they have been doing what they do, passionately, for years.

        • March 15, 2017 / 6:39 pm

          Everything comes down to hard work and dedication, and if you love something enough & stick to it, no matter how long it takes you, you can become succesful!

          • March 15, 2017 / 10:56 pm

            Thank you for your words of encouragement Soph :).

          • March 16, 2017 / 7:32 am

            No problem xx

  5. March 22, 2017 / 8:04 pm

    love this post! Im new at this thing so this definitely helped!

    • March 22, 2017 / 8:04 pm

      Yay I’m so glad to help someone! X

  6. March 23, 2017 / 10:45 pm

    Thank you for this great post! I’ve just started blogging and I’m loving it so far but I definatley needed tips like these❤

    • March 24, 2017 / 7:26 am

      You’re welcome xx

  7. May 6, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    Omg I absolutely love this! Very helpful for bloggers who are just starting out like me! Now reading this I’m going to go install Bloglovin’ and also make a twitter account just to promote my blog etc. These tips are amazing 💘

    • May 6, 2017 / 11:52 pm

      Thank you! Twitter is great – make sure to follow me when you get one! X

  8. May 27, 2017 / 9:32 am

    Great post. I’m just starting out in the blogosphere and a little nervous. Whilst I love the photography side of things, I’m really not confident about the writing side of things. Great tips from you thanks for sharing your tips.x

    • May 27, 2017 / 1:29 pm

      For me, it’s the other way around, I love writing but my photography is atrocious! I’m sure you’ll be great and well loved in the blogosphere and everyone has things they are better at, but all our skills improve over time! x

  9. August 20, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    Great post! really useful. I have been an on and off blogging for a couple of years now but only recently became more active. I would love if you could check out my blog x

    • August 20, 2017 / 11:16 pm

      Yeah sure! thank you! X

    • Love, Soph
      July 31, 2018 / 10:56 am

      I’m so glad you found them useful Anna!💗

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