2016: A Round Up

Hi guys!

happy new year

Happy New Year, whether it has hit midnight for you or not, I hope you have had an amazing night surrounded by all your friends and family! I also hope that for you 2016 has been a year which you have enjoyed and achieved in.  For the world and humanity as a whole, 2016 has been a rough year, but without focusing on the negatives, you will find a lot of good in it.

I’ve decided that tonight I’m going to do a small roundup of 2016, since it has been a year for me which has been very hectic but in which I feel I have achieved a lot, both in my blogging life and outside of my blogging life.

1. I have moved across the country! If you haven’t been here for long, you may not know that in May I moved from West Yorkshire (UK) all the way down to Wiltshire. This was because of my brothers need for a specialist dyslexia school.  This move has changed me in many ways, and whilst I might not have wanted to go because of my amazing friends in Yorkshire, it has made me much more acceptable to change and I have made some wonderful friends because of it – not to mention kept my old friends who I know are there for me always. This also meant moving schools as we started or GCSE course which was one of the most stressful things ever, but I think I’ve just about managed to pull that off; I moved schools in 2015 and 2016, lets see if I do it again in 2017 (place your bets everybody!).

2. I hit 100, and then 200 followers on my blog!  This may not seem a huge deal to many of you but being in triple digits on my blog made me ecstatic – to know that loads of you read my posts makes me so happy and gives me the want to keep creating them!  Here’s to 300, right?

3. I became unanonymous!  At the start of the year, my blog was anonymous and the Sophie that you all know went by the name I’m A Zalfie Fanatic, however I am so glad I became public as I feel more true to myself and like this blog is totally mine now!  I’m actually wanting to change my name and the majority of twitter said I should when I voted on a poll, so within the next couple of days the name of my blog will be changed (follow me on twitter here to keep up with these changes) as I feel the current one is too immature and does not reflect who I am.  My URL will not be changed but my name will be, so please bear in mind it’s still me when you see a random name pop up in your reader – any suggestions please leave a comment as I’m a little bit stuck!

4. I did my first ever PR related post!  Which you can read here!  Things like this are huge steps for me in making my blog more successful and I am fully aware that blogging is not about the ‘free stuff’ and it really isn’t for me, but it does help to make a blog more popular and well known.  I may have a couple PR posts lined up for the new year, so stay tuned for that!

So, I’m sure that I’ve achieved more than four things in 2016 but these are the most prominent ones I can think of!  I wish you all a very happy new year, and I thank you all for taking your time to be here with me for this upcoming year!  I hope it brings us all joy and happiness and is considerably more enjoyable than 2016!  Happy new year!  I love you all!

Soph x



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