Winter Essentials 2016

Hi guys,

For todays blogmas post, I thought I’d show you my essential items for winter.  Winter is my favourite season because it is so cosy and festive, and what better way to be cosy and festive than to have all the things you need personally to stay alive in this cold time of the year!


First up for me is candles.  My favourite is the Yankee Candle in Christmas Eve, and I’m burning the votive version of this in this adorable candle holder.  This scent really epitomises Christmas for me and so I love to burn it throughout the winter season.  Another amazing scent is Cosy By The Fireside which is a more general winter scent so is perfect for sneaking out that little bit too early (back in August…)!


Next up is my lipbalm.  I always keep repurchasing this lipbalm because it’s amazing.  It is so moisturising and makes your lips so soft and keeps them in tip top condition which is especially important around the wintertime when cold weather can really eat away at them!  It is also great for summer as it has SPF15 in it so will protect your lips from the sun, not that we get much of that in England! The packaging is so compact and you can easily bring it everywhere with you!


Next, which is a major essential for me and my fellow beauty lovers, is red lipsticks.  A classic red lip is perfect to be worn around Christmas/winter, and these two are my favourite.  The Kiko one you can find a review on here  and the Rimmel one is yet to be reviewed, but one may come soon if you’d like to see it?  A red lip is so important to me in winter because it finishes off your makeup perfectly.


Next up is my dressing gown.  This is something I need because I’m always freezing, and a big fluffy thing wrapped around me is so cosy and keeps me nice and warm.  You can get this from Tesco and it was only £20.00 I think, which is a bargain for such a nice quality, cute dressing gown.


The final thing are my ‘slippers’.  These are actually long cosy socks, because I hate wearing slippers.  I love how cute these are, and the thread has a slight shimmer to it which makes them super festive.  They’re fleecy inside too, for optimum warmth!!

So, I really hope you enjoyed reading about my essentials for winter!  What is your number one essential?

Soph xx


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