Whats In My School Bag

Hi Guys!

I know I didn’t post yesterday so there *may* be a second post later tonight, one not related to back to school though.  Anyway, before  I begin I’d like to add the fact that I’m wearing a polo neck/turtle neck jumper with long sleeves in this gorgeous navy blue shade and a very dark red lipstick is making me really happy!  Today it Wiltshire we had the biggest thunderstorm I’ve been in (in England, I got into rather a precarious one in France but that’s another story) ever, it was raining and lightning and thundering and I felt so madly cosy!  The rain was so heavy it has flooded the stream in out back garden, making it so full and very muddy – it’s like some sort of small tsunami the water is going so fast.

Anyway, today I’m here to show you whats in my school bag.  Now, a lot of this you will have seen in my School Supplies Haul, but then some of it you wont.  I also will have a much fuller bag than this come September 2nd, as all my books and (extremely unfairly heavy French textbooks) will be shoved into the back compartment, alongside my lunch and whatever other random crap finds itself a home in here.  So, relish its cleanliness and perfectness while it lasts.


This here is my bag and I really love it!  It was from New Look for £19.99 and you can’t purchase it anymore because New Look don’t seem to have it on their website.  It might still be in some shops if you look quick, but it’s a real shame you can no longer get this as it is such a practical bag. There are similar ones though, so you could get one of them!

Anyway, the front quilted part has three zips, all of which function and open into large pockets.  The one right at the back of the quilted part is a really big pocket, which you can fit notebooks & pens into, the middle one is large enough to carry a small separate bag inside of, and the last one is just big enough for a scientific calculator!  The back pocket is really large and very spacious, I can easily hold all my back-aching books in it.  There are also water bottle pockets on either side, which are quite deep and could serve for holding your keys or even your phone.

The straps are really sturdy and I expect them to be able to withstand a lot of force when being packed to the brim! All the hardware is gold, but subtle gold, which I like.  I absolutely hate the gold which is all flashy flashy yellow gold.  No thanks.


Starting with the first small pocket, I have mathematical items.  My pink Casio scientific calculator, along with a weird triangle protractor thing that nobody ever uses nor knows how to use, and a protractor (which I’ve used but am still to master the art of protractor-ing).  I mean these are my least favourite things inside my bag, who likes calculators?


Next up is the second little pocket.  In here I have my beauty essential type things.  I have a MAC Mascara sample, a Peach Delight hand sanitizer (which will be getting replaced approximately every mont because whenever you bring out hand sanitizer everyone wants some, and I use it that often because I hate germs that it is sure to run out within a month), some hair bobbles for PE/Science/Food Tech, A Body Shop lip balm and a Body Shop hand cream mini in English Rose. I also have a compact mirror.  This all fits nicely into my Zoella Lace Collar detail coin purse.  I find these things are things I need to have on hand to use quite often, especially hand cream/sanitizer when I’m bored in lessons…


The back front pocket holds very simple things.  I have a notebook, which came in a pack of three from Paperchase for Christmas about three years ago.  Therefore I doubt it will be on the website for me to link it. However, it is such a pretty note book and I love it – slim compact note books are my weakness, I have about fifteen.  I use this for writing down French notes, such as words/phrases I may find useful and verb forms and things (don’t trust me when I talk about french, I know nothing about any of it, at all).  Then there is a simple pencil case from Paperchase also, which houses my colouring pencils (because I’m a three year old, and feel the need to colour in everything I see).  You’ll notice soon that colouring pens/pencils are a firm favourite of mine (I tell myself it’s because it makes me learn more and revison etc gets stuck in my head, but really it’s just so I can procrastinate and draw cartoon trees all over diagrams of the Carbon Cycle).


Now, the very back pocket, like the very back back main compartment, holds and will be holding, the majority of my stuff.  At the moment it looks a little bare but have vision, it shall soon be filled with scruffy looking, unattractive books and other deathly items!  The first thing is my Pukka Pad, with a little USB stick attached to the bottom, and my ruler also nestles itself within this notebook.  img_2736

The next thing is my pencil case.  It is actually a Jack Wills makeup bag, but because I repurpose things I got it for £6.50 in the sale (still a bit heavy for a makeup bag if you ask me, but it’s just so pretty and I’m a sucker for Jack Wills) and decided to cram it full of pens and pencils and colourful things.  There are four pens, one blue and the other three black.  Four skinny highlighters in pink, yellow, green and blue. A glue stick from Tesco because I am always the one at school who goes to get glue and ends up with one that looks like it’s been chewed up by a year seven, been through the hands of every destructive teengaer I know, is broken, has fifteen different peoples clumps of hair stuck to it and is dried up.  I figured my own glue stick would solve this issue.  I also have three mechanical pencils, and then my host of gorgeous Papermate colourful pens which literally are on every page of every school book because colour will save my education.  I have two regular penicls (from Jack Wills, might I add.  Matchy matchy, I know, you don’t have to congratulate me),  a ruler, rubber and pencil sharpner.


Lastly I have my pack of fineliners which also add the educational colour I need.


So, thats all in my School bag at the moment. Thank you for reading!

What does your school bag for this year look like??

Soph xx
















  1. August 27, 2016 / 8:48 pm

    Your bag is so cute! Good luck with your school year 💞

  2. August 27, 2016 / 10:29 pm

    Similar things! Look of that bag is amazing! Pics were great!

  3. August 27, 2016 / 11:35 pm

    The bag looks such good quality! I will have to look on the new look website for a bag for me, because I need a new one! xx

  4. August 28, 2016 / 10:37 pm

    My school bag isn’t here yet. It’s from Dorothy Perkins xx

    • August 28, 2016 / 10:38 pm

      Will you be doing a post about it on your blog? I’d love to see it! I just found your blog and scrolling through I’m already obsessed!!

  5. August 31, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    Oh…mines exactly the same as last year with an inhaler and some shuck stationary…oops 😂💕

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