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Hi guys!

As most of you are aware, I moved down to Wiltshire recently.  If you’re not sure why then go back through my blog posts recently and you’ll find many like One big update and Update explaining it (in detail, I do not recommend them!  I just had to ramble and de-stress myself!).  Anyway, during the move I managed to obtain a huge room and an en suite!  Words cannot express how grateful I am for my room, I’d say I spend 98% of my time in here (the remaining 2% are spent eating tea or foraging for food in an empty fridge, story of my life.).  Anyway, my old room used to be a floraly-vintage, verging on shabby chic but not really getting there, reflection of my eleven year old self trying to copy beauty bloggers styled, but now I fancy a fresh change.  And recently, along with most of the We Heart It & Tumblr population, I’ve fallen in love with the copper and blush and marble type style.  Everything has to be crisp white (which it is at the moment so I have a perfect base) with hints of marble, copper/rose gold and pinky/blushy colours.  You’ll see when I show you everything I’ve been obsessing over at 2am when I have nothing to do!

I’m also planning on doing a room tour when I have finished my room.  However, this wont be in the next few months, because I’m paying for my room myself and I’m not a millionare, I’ll be doing this gradually.  But make sure to comment if you’d like to see a room tour!!

I’m going to stop rambling and we’ll just get into the post properly now.

Home decor wishlist

rose gold paper clip primarni

So, I really love this.  It’s rose gold/copper for a start (if you click the picture you can be lead to where it is sold).  It’s only two pounds, so perfectly on budget.  Not that my maximum budget is two pounds, but I digress. I always write myself notes, whether they’re to remind me to do a blog post, to remind me to do homework, whatever – do you get the jist that they’re usually reminders, I’m very forgetful. Anyway, I figured I could use this to hold up notes and they would look pretty and catch my eye as I leave my room.

copper frame uo

This copper frame is from Urban Outfitters & I really love it.  For £12.00, I think it’s really decent value and so interesting.  I don’t have enough photo frames in my bedroom and I don’t have anything hanging on the walls so hopefully this might make it look more interesting.

geo cage light typo

This is gorgeous.  You probably can’t tell BECAUSE THE QUALITY IS SO BAD but its a rose gold geometric cage light.  And it’s in the sale for £4.99, meaning I can buy two because I have two overhead ceiling lamps.  I mean who doesn’t want rose gold wire diamonds hanging above their head.

copper wire frame ou.jpg

Urban outfiters, you warm my soul.  Why you gotta be so expensive though?  I really want a wire hanging thing like this so I can pin cute quotes to it.  But £40.00, seriously like find me some chicken wire and some spray paint and I’ll turn into a professional DIY-er.  But seriously this is so gorgeous.

h and m cushion

I think we can safely say that H&M Home is amazing.  I literally love everything they have in their ranges.  And it’s really affordable, so that’s a plus!  This cushion would look so nice on my bed, I’m thinking two of these and then maybe some more decorative ones.  I think the key is to vary sizes.

Next up comes Ikea, affordable and addictive.  This is nearly everything out of the Skurar series, which you’ll more than likely have seen everywhere.  I already use the plant pots to house makeup brushes and it’s very effective.  However, I love the whole range and if I could I’d buy it all!  It’s so cheap and pretty and ugh!

Anyway, that’s not the full extent of everything I want but really it’s as much as I could force down your throat without you begging me to stop.

Thanks for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it.   Apologies for not posting all day yesterday.  I’d been shopping into bath (I only got two bits but it was more for a look around bath) so now I can tick something off my Summer Bucket List  already!  I’m also going back to do intense purse damage for my birthday so expect a pretty damn big haul!

Soph xx

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  1. July 28, 2016 / 10:23 am

    IKEA YASS 😂 and I’m helping decorating bc I’m amazing xxx

  2. July 29, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    I can imagine that your bedroom is ultimate goals!

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