2016 New Years Resolutions//What To Expect On The Blog!

Okay, so procrastination got the better of me and this is out a teensy bit late – well, it’s not February and we’re still in the first week of January but I digress.

I’m here today to bring you not only my New Years Resolutions/GOALS – I prefer to call them goals as that sounds a lot more vague and lets be honest be honest these most probably wont get completed.  And I am a very bad person for having such a downer on life.

New Years Resolutions/Goals 2016:

  1. 7 Minute Workout – Every day, no excuses.  I’ve downloaded an app called 7 Minute Workout by Perigree.  This is free on the app store & I have used this many times before yet due to my pathetic will to carry on with anything remotely tiring,  have deleted it and resumed my position in my bed with chocolate.  However this year I am determined to do it every day without fail – this app is great because you can set it to give you notifications with customised messages for different times of the day to remind you to work out, and change the voice of your instructor.  And really, it’s only seven minutes of my day & I can do it!  My aim here is not to loose weight, as I am already very slim – I have a very fast metabolism, but to get toned and not look like such a weedy, weak little thing.
  2. Drink More Water – I don’t actually drink anywhere near enough water, and this year I am going to.  I don’t think I can fully cancel out all my fizzy drinks, but I’m going to try drink more water and less sugary soda drinks.  I have yet to find an app for this (honestly, I’ve not looked yet but I’m going to soon), but I am aiming to drink at least 5 glasses a day, today I have drunk one 500ml bottle.  Doing well, doing well *sarcasm*.
  3. Walking/Running – I’m really good when it comes to walking, I could go for miles without getting tired, but running, well that’s a different question entirely; I have THE worst stamina known to man, and I run like a flamingo on drugs, very long legs everywhere.


In fact, it’s not dissimilar to this :\

Anyway, I plan to go walking at least 3x a week and hopefully build that into a slow paced jog (as to stop my legs from shooting out in all directions) even if it means doing a shorter route.

4. Negativity Be Gone – I may have mentioned this in my last post, but 2016 is the year of my positivity!  It’s really important to me, because although 2015 was an amazing year for me, it was partially filled with toxic people and snakes, who shat on me from a great height, without me even realising until it was too late.  Thankfully I have an amazing group of friends now who I trust not to do that to me, but previous people do still linger & I would like to get rid of their negative vibes or at least not let them get to me, even if the person isn’t out of my life.

5. Read & Write More – I remember in 2014 I read a lot and also wrote quite a bit, in 2015, or at least towards, the end I slacked off hugely on all this. I hope in 2016 to find the want to just pick up a good book from my library & read one (if anyone has any suggestions….) or write a part of a story or something.  I’m also planning on getting my Wattpad up and running again or at least be more active on there, and post some general fiction versus just youtube fanfiction.  And guys, would I even say that without a self promo?  Probably not, unless I couldn’t  be bothered with the whole link thing, which I can so let’s say you can find my Wattpad account right here.

Those are my NYR, I always try set myself five each year that are really achievable; that’s why there aren’t many.

So, I also have goals for my blog this year, and I can’t exactly tell you I do without showing you, so here you go!

Blog Goals For The New year

  1. Regular Posting – we all know that I’m a mega sporadic poster, and I’m never going to be that blogger to post 7 days a week, every week, never.  But I am the blogger to post (maybeeee) twice a week?  I at least thing that is slightly achievable.  I wont have a posting schedule because I can’t commit to things, but what I can do is at least try.  Hopefully only posting twice a week will mean really good wuality posts for you all, and sometimes if I’m feeling up to it I may post three times a week.  God, I honour you guys who do this daily posting thing – I never could because I’m an extremely lazy shit.
  2. Photography – At the moment, the photos taken for my blog are, well, incredibly shit.  The thing is that I do actually have the equipment I need to take good photos – a canon camera and a basically all white bedroom which really is perfect for some sharp flat-lays; yet I cannot even be arsed to plug the camera into my laptop to transfer the photos, effort and me are not a thing. I will though, this year, improve on my photo taking – I want to share the photos I take when I go to London on the 16th of January – I’m really so excited!
  3. Developing My Pages – Currently, the only page I have is my ‘about me’ page, which doesn’t even tell you that much about me because the anonymity factor makes it pretty hard to give away much information.  But I want a page on what I like & dislike, my fears and phobias & a social media/contact me page.  I’m also going to start signing off with links to my social media at the bottom.  2016 is the year where my blog goes boom.
  4. Social Media –  I want to set up my social media, this way more people should become aware of my blog & such likes, even though my twitter is on private because I simply cannot have things public, it scares me to think people might find me, what if they knew me?  My whole blogging life would collapse into a devastating heap on the floor, and I would be left not knowing what to do, *shudders*.  Private it is, but please, do follow me on any social media I link because it is a wonderful way to keep up to everything I post whenever I post it & you get the lovely ramblings from my daily life ;D

Those are in fact all my blog goals, and that brings us to the very end of this post…

Wait no it doesn’t I forgot one major thing!  ANOTHER LIST (I’m sorry if they’re getting boring).

The last (I promise you) list of this post is about things you should expect to see on my blog in the coming months, I’m really excited for all of these!

  • Moving schools & why it isn’t as bad as people say it is – this is to mark my 1 year anniversary at my school.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review – and also lots of looks!
  • How & Why I started up anonymous blogging and how you can too!
  • Drugstore makeup kit.
  • Skincare Favourites
  • How I clean my makeup brushes
  • Dressing table tour & makeup collection
  • Arty farty photo tour of my bedroom.
  • Organise your life//series!!
  • 2016 memories DIY
  • How to keep your blog organised (Me throwing up my obsession for notebooks in a non-weirdo way)

That’s only a small insight, but I’m really tired & I want to go back to sleep, and tomorrow is my last day of the Winter Holidays *Hides under covers and internally screams*.

I just took one of my first flat lays for the cover photo but using my phone, things don’t always turn out right – even though the camera is good as it’s an Iphone 5c, sometimes they turn out a bit grainy.  I’m guessin this is because it’s night-time and all the lights in my room are turned on and quite yellowy-orange lighting.

So I guess this is goodbye ♥





  1. January 4, 2016 / 11:35 am

    These are some really good ideas! I like the photo 🙂 I get the grainy problem too sometimes, I think it is to do with the dark/unnatural lighting – everyone says natural lighting is best, I just never get round to taking photos during the day! For a water app, I know there’s one to help you keep hydrated called plant buddy or something where you virtually water your plant every time you drink something, and when the plant dies you haven’t been drinking enough? It’s something like that, it may work for you 🙂 good luck with all your goals!

    • January 4, 2016 / 11:37 am

      Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely check that app out! I’m so bad when it comes to taking photos – especially in winter, my room seems to be stuck in perpetual darkness!!

    • January 4, 2016 / 2:19 pm

      I found the app! I think it’s called plant nanny? It’s amazing, thank you so much for the suggestion ! Xx

    • January 4, 2016 / 9:01 pm

      Seriously be very excited I’m so excited I squeal every time I think about it!!!!!!

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