Liebster Award

So, I’ve not been really very active with 24 days of Zalfie Fanatic, but that’s okay I guess.  I didn’t realise the pressure of posting every day would be this much, and I want to bring out decent content for you all, not some crappy idea I’ve just pulled out of my mind in five minutes.  But now I’ve broken up for school you’ll see a lot more of me, hopefully!!

The lovely Lauren over at Life Being Lauren has nominated me to do the Liebster award, which is so kind of her!  Lauren has such a good blog, you should all go check it out and follow her if you don’t already.  She has two gorgeous kittens as well, so that’s a reason to follow her anyway!

So, the rules:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog.
  • Write eight random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate eight bloggers who you think are deserving and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the questions put forward by the nominating party and put up 8 questions for your nominees.

My Eight Random Facts About Myself:

  1. I have two cats, which is the fact that I always use so you probably know already, one is ginger and white and called Katzen which means ‘Cat’ in German, and the other is black and white and called Rosie.
  2. I’m from the North of the UK, in West Yorkshire.
  3. I’m currently in year nine in high school.
  4. I really have absolutely no clue what I’d like to do when I’m older.
  5. I can play some songs on the piano, but very basically and I have to use an app which tells me when to play a certain note.
  6. English is my favourite lesson in school.
  7. I play GTA on Play Station 4.
  8. I’m currently watching Zoella’s Vlogmas & main channel videos as I’ in need of a major catch up!

My Nominations:

Here is everyone I want to nominate, which is eight of you!  There’s a running theme of eight in here I see! But I can’t manage eight, I don’t think I even follow enough epople to find eight, so I did four.  I’d love to nominate you all but some of you have over 200 followers, you very lucky people!

Imagalaxygirl – Alanna is like my little internet chum! She so deserves this award, she posts like almost every day without fail & is such a lovely person.


Blancobeautyblog – I love the makeup that Elspeth shares on her blog!


Answering The Questions:

You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Where would you go?

Probably somewhere like Bora Bora, I just think it looks amazing.  I’d go to some exotic island where you can just escape evrything and it’s gorgeous & warm

Who do you think is the most attractive person on earth?

Mr Joe Sugg, or Alfie Deyes.  Duh.  Or Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in their younger days.

If you had to stay one age forever what age would it be?

18 -all my exams would be over (I think) and I could buy my own house, have a job etc.  But then again also like 5 when I didn’t have to worry about anything. 

Favourite TV show and why?

Oh God, well I have like seven, which I can’t narrow down to just one.  I can though, narrow it down to two.

Friends which has been my favourite since I was about ten and always will be.  I love it like so much you wouldn’t even understand.  I think I like it so much because it was something my Mum & Dad both used to watch & it’s kind of nostalgic I guess, I don’t know, but I really love it.

Then a new, yet solid favourite of mine is Pretty Little Liars.  It’s American but you can get it on Netflix (lets just have a moment for the joy that is Netflix) and it’s amazing.  I’m pretty sure nearly everyone watches it so I won’t go into detail, but I love it because it has such immensely detailed, mysterious plot lines that are so gripping.  I simply cannot wait for January 13th!

Describe your week in three words.

Well considering it is Monday today, very little has happened so far.  I will give you three words for last week though; tiring, exciting & festive.  We broke up for Christmas Holidays last week.

If you could tame any animal and have it for a pet what would it be?

Well obviously I do adore cats, so it would have to be something to do with cats.  SO probably a baby lion, or cheetah or a tiger – in fact, definietly a tiger.  Or maybe an elephant.

Snow or beach?

Snow, simply because I’ve not seen it yet & I last saw a beach in summer.

Silver or gold jewellery?

While I’m a sucker for rose gold jewellery, I totally hate gold jewellery.  I just think it can look a bit tacky sometimes and it doesn’t suit me either.  So I prefer silver jewellery.

Questions for my nominees:

What is your favourite thing about summer and what is your favourite thing about winter?

What is the climate like where you live?

Do you prefer long nails with amazing designs and patterns or short nails painted with clear polish, neat and tidy?

What does your daily make up routine consist of (if you have one) – don’t worry, if you want to just answer this briefly you can, mine would be a whole blog posts worth!!

Are you a dog person or a cat person (and if you’re a dog person could I convert you???)

What is your favourite subject at school/what was it?

Is there a food you like that others find disgusting?

Top 3 favourite movies and why?

Alrighty guys so that’s me done! Again, I’m sorry for my lack of posting but I’ll be here until Christmas now hopefully!  And thank you for a second time to the lovely Lauren for this nomination, I’m sorry it took so long to get up; blame procrastination!

Merry Christmas xx











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    Omg thank you ever so much! You have literally made my day ❤❤

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