Favourite Christmas Pyjamas As Of Now

Today I’ve been feeling really poorly, which is such a shame.  I wasn’t going to post tonight but I really didn’t want to ruin how good I’ve been at posting at the moment.  So I patrolled through the interweb & found a few of my favourite pyjamas for you guys, I hope that this acts as some inspiration for you all as for maybe what you’d like for Christmas or just something you’d like to treat yourself to!

cath kidston

Cath Kidston Pyjamas – Zoe has been rocking a pair of Cath Kidston PJ’s throughout vlogmas so far, and I love them!  While these aren’t the exact pair, I still adore them & really want them!


Baubles Short Pyjamas Set – I think these are so cute, and while they are Christmassy, they’re not super in your face Christmassy!

Robin bjs

Robin Print Fleece PJ Bottoms – I think Robins are so Christmassy & these pyjama bottoms just look so appealing because I’m so cold right now.  I actually might have to buy these.

Red Snow Dressing

Red Snowflake Print Dressing Gown – I actually really need a new dressing gown and this is in the sale and it screams Christmas and I’m so cold and this is so warm. 


Jersey Pyjamas –  These literally look like the cosiest thing I’ve clapped eyes on in months.  And they’re so pretty.  And they’re in the sale.  Seriously, I’m trying to think of reasons not to buy them, and I can’t :/

So, I’m sorry that post was short, but I feel really sick & I just want to go to bed & sleep.  Anyway, I do have millions of more PJ’s to show you but I’d be here all night, and I need to sleep.

Merry Christmas xx



  1. December 7, 2015 / 11:05 am

    ASDFGJKL PYJAMAS. and get better soon my darling xx

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