Christmas Tag!

One of my favourite bloggers, LancoraPerla, did a Christmas Tag yesterday, and I thought I’d give it a go!  LancoraPerla is also doing her ‘Countdown To Christmas’ which is what I feel like loads of us are doing at the moment with loads of posts going up to Christmas!!  Please go check out her blog as she is one of my favourite bloggers out there and posts such amazing content!

Anyway, I’ll get on with the tag now!

  • Favourite Christmas Film? I have one called ‘Snow Day’ which I’ve not seen for years, but remember that my Brother found it on Disney channel on a snow day about 5 years ago.  I also love Mickey’s Christmas which takes you through various different Mickey Mouse characters and their Christmas.  Then obviously Christmas Carol.  I’ve never seen Home Alone, is that bad?
  • Ever Had A White Christmas? I feel like anyone in the UK will remember the time from around 2009-2011 where we did have loads of snow from back end of November until March or something stupid.  I loved it, it snowed before Christmas and then melted away by Boxing Day when it dumped shed loads more snow.  The most fun Christmas ever! So yes, a few.
  • Where do you usually spend your holiday? I spend Christmas Day at my house, and my Grandparents come over for a meal, and then Boxing day is spent at my Grandparents house also.  Then my brothers birthday comes up, and we go to my other Grandparents who live in Lincolnshire for a few nights! Then back to my house for New Years, where we don’t usually have a party.
  • Favourite Christmas song? Fairytale of New York by the Pouges, Last Christmas by WHAM or Boney M. Mary’s Boy Child.
  • Is Your Tree Real or Fake? Fake, but it looks very real.
  • What Made You Realise The Truth About Santa? *gasps* What truth about Santa? Haha, only kidding.  I remember quizzing my Mum about the Tooth Fairy and having decide she wasn’t real, I came to the decision that I’d also ask about Santa.  I was very mature for my age of about 10, and my Mum just asked me ‘what do you think’ and I simply replied ‘I think it might be Dad’ and they both laughed and gave in.
  • What Makes The Holidays Special For You? While I do enjoy Christmas Day, I prefer the run up to Christmas.  I just love the cosiness and everyone seems to be so happy.  Everywhere you go there’s a tree or some decorations and Christmas songs playing and it’s just lovely.  So probably the atmosphere, yep.
  • What’s Better, Giving or Receiving Presents? Well I hate giving, because I never know if they’ll like it or not.  I love receiving though, as I love to open presents and look at everyone’s impressive wrapping!

That is the end of The Christmas Tag!  Please feel free to try it out yourself!

Hope you enjoyed it,

Merry Christmas xx


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