Hanging Snowflake DIY

Okay so first before I forget, here is the video for the snowflakes.  I just made them on a smaller scale, but you can do them as big/little as you like.

So, today I bring you my first Christmas themed DIY, based on the paper snowflake tutorial above!

I never knew how to make paper snowflakes before I found this video, but this one explains it the best out of the many I’ve looked at, and although it’s not a hard thing to do, this made it a gazillion times easier.

So, I’m going to get started now.  Here is what you’ll need:


  • Some paper snowflakes that are whatever size you would like, I’ve gone for smaller ones, but you could do massive ones.  It all depends on the area you’re hanging them from, mine are being hung from a lampshade, but if your going to just tape them to the ceiling then you could use bigger ones.  That’s the good thing about this DIY – totally customizable!
  • Some scissors
  • Clear thread or white cotton thread, otherwise known as fishing wire I think in America.  You wont be able to see the cotton as it is so thin, and the clear thread is clear so you can’t see that either.  I went for white cotton thread, but you could also use some festively coloured embroidery thread for a pop of colour!  I used white thread as I wanted it to look like the snowflakes were actually falling.

Another idea would be to paint the snowflakes or coat them in glitter for that extra pop!

So, first you’re going to want to cut out a ton (or however many you need) of paper snowflakes.  Like I said before, you can choose whatever size you’d like.  Make sure every single one has a different, unique design like a regular snowflake.

Next, choose a hole or punch a hole in your snowflake, and ti the thread around it.  I do apologise for the bad picture, but it is quite hard to get my phone to pick up the thread decently – this will have to do.


As you can see (or just about), there is some white thread tied around this hole in my snowflake.  I cut of the thread to the length I wanted to snowflake to be hanging at, but you can always change the length in the next step.  Make sure you tie this tight, but not too tight that it will ruin the snowflake.  I did a double knot, but reasonably loose to avoid crinkles.

Next, your going to want to tie this to a spot in your room.  Ideally, it should hang from the roof but you could hang them from handles or any other place that you can tie things on to.  You could also use tape or blue tac to attach these to your ceiling and have them hang from a grater height. I used my ceiling lamp which is an understated chandelier thingy.


As you can, or can’t really see, I tied it to one of the loops in the middle.  If you look closely you can see the thread, but it takes quite a bit of effort. I did a tight knot here as I didn’t want to have it falling off.

So, that is all.  I did do more but I just took the picture of the one.  I love how this turned out and I think it is such a cute little thing for your room at Christmas time.  I also found a really cute little kit to hang things from your wall with twine and Santa pegs so I hung some more larger snowflakes above my bed, but you’ll see this in time!

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