October Favourites & Meeting Zoe!

So as most of you know (not at all because I’ve obsessed over it for a large period of time), on Friday 30th October I met Zoe Sugg, Zoella on YouTube for the very few of you who aren’t familiar with her.  Zoe is my idol, I love her and find her so inspiring so to meet her was amazing!  Obviously most of the good pictures I have from the signing are of my face, and with this being an anonymous blog, I cannot show my face. However I do have a few pictures of her & my back, and some of the signing in general to show you guys!


Here is me (I was crying and shaking by now ngl) getting my book signed by Zoe.


A picture of Zoe mid signing that my Mum managed to get!

Anyway, Zoe is so sweet & lovely, and even more gorgeous in person!  I’m so happy I got to meet her, I was crying & shaking and everything by the end.  Thank you so much Zoe!

So, this leads me on to my very small, very Zoe themed October Favourites!


Everything you see in that photo, is basically (mostly) my October favourites, bar a few extra things I’ll throw in at the end!

Firstly, Girl Online on Tour!  I’m currently reading it, but book review to come!  Oh god, it’s great!  I really do rather like it!  I don’t want to give away too much for any of you who are going to be reading it, but it’s so good!!  And now that it’s signed, oh wowowowowow!

Secondly, the poster (which is now hanging in shrine form above my desk) & wristband that we got from the signing.  The wristband hasn’t exited my wrist since (apart from when I’ve had a shower/bath because I don’t want it wet!) There’s not much to say about these, apart from I love them!

Then I nipped into superdrug & got myself 3 Zoella beauty products.  Creamy Madly Dreamy her body lotion, Blissful Mistful her body spray & the lace collar mini makeup bag, which I am currently using as a purse.  I love the scent of the original collection, and I believe the pouch is part of her new, limited edition Christmas range but correct me if I’m wrong!  All the packaging is super cute & adorable.   I just love it all!

So actually, thats all I can think of that I’ve been loving through October.  Actually, thats just in the last two days of October, is that bad?  I think so.

Sorry for not giving you much of an October Favourites there but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! I’m currently trying to work out a kind of uploading schedule so I can fit in all my Christmas gift guides alongside all my Christmas posts.  That probably means about 4 posts per week, but don’t get your hopes up, as we all know how bad I am at keeping up to anything serious.

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥

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  1. November 2, 2015 / 6:43 am

    im so glad you got to see her! all her stuff is adorable too

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