20 Amazing Gift Sets For Teen Girls – Gift Guide 2015

Welcome! Welcome to the first instalment of my 2015 Gift Guide!  Let me quickly express my frustration.

In total, this had taken me 4 hours to find everything & write it up.  To be fair, I was quite proud with the finished product & I also got through a hefty chunk of Pretty Little Liars, so I’m okay with that.  What I’m not okay with is that fact that 4 hours of hard work is now gone, vanished.  I accidentally let my hand slip, and I pressed refresh.  All my work was gone, vanished into thin air.  I actually cried.  I’m still depressed.

But I’m making this new one, which means I will have made two copies of the same post in a day, all so I can start my Christmas posting.  That my friends is what you would call dedication.

So, let me start my second one, and pray there wont be a third!

Anyway, personally I think that a gift set is an excellent gift if you’re not close enough to the recipient to be able to give them something meaningful, which is pretty hard with us teen girls as we don’t know what we want really.  Something might be meaningful one day and the next just that gift we got for Christmas.  Not saying we’re ungrateful, or at least I’m not, but we’re hard to shop for.  So if you are having a hard time shopping for us, look no further, oh great detached relative, these are things we would like.  And more importantly, we get tons of use out of gift sets!

Oh, and before I start, make sure you nip over to my Pinterest here so you can grab some sneak peaks of things I might be including in my Christmas posts *hint hint, Christmas Everything Board*.

 seventeen ultimate collection

Seventeen Ultimate Collection – This is perfect for your teen who is just starting out in makeup, you can create tons of looks here! And it’s such a pretty case (you’ll notice a running theme of me adoring packaging here).

Pantone acril makeupbrush

Pantone Acrylic Makeup Brush Set and Holder

soap & glory in the bag

Soap and Glory in The Bag – Soap and Glory have the nicest, best smelling products around, and they always make their gifts look so exciting!

Sp&Glry Bright and bubbly

Soap and Glory bright & Bubbly

Jack Wills bdy spry trio

Jack Wills Body Spray Trio – I actually have these, I’m slightly obsessed with Jack Wills body sprays.  They smell gorgeous & look so pretty sat on your dressing table.  I loved them so much I bought a pack for my friend for her birthday and she loves them too.  Tried and tested, loved by all 😉

Vic scrt bombshell

Victorias Secret Bombshell All Day All Night

Bay & Hrd Mid Fig & Pom set

Baylis and Harding Midnight Fig and Pomegranate Medium Stack –   Baylis and Harding always smells so nice and their packaging is really pretty!  I always save their ribbons!

body shop cherry blossom set

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Mini Set – This is great because it’s small so you can gift this to a friend or even use as a stocking filler!

Farleton  espresso cup set

Jack Wills Farleton Espresso Cup Set – Because everyone loves mugs, whatever they are for.

Bomb cosmetics little box of love

Bomb Cosmetics Little Box Of Love – These are the prettiest bath bombs I’ve seen ever.

 TRESemme volum gift set

TRESemme Volume Gift Set – Perfect gift for a hair lover!

Lush Merry And Bright

Lush Merry and Bright

colours by technic vanity case

Colours by Technic Vanity Case –  I actually got this for Christmas last year & the only things I’ve not used is the blusher, which is a very neony pink, not to my taste, and the lipgloss quads, which aren’t great either, otherwise, everything else is great!  And it’s double sided, the other side comes with nail varnish & some brushes.

Thorntons chocolate essentials hamper

Thorntons Chocolate Essentials Hamper – Because everyone loves chocolate….unless your teen has an allergy to nuts or something, which might be in some of this. Not sure…..;)

How To Look The Best At Everything Benefit

Benefit How To Look The Best at Everything

zoella awesome drawersome bathing collection

Zoella’s Awesome Drawersome – Seriously, did you expect me to not include some of Zoe’s beauty line in here?  I mean, I pretty damn proud that I’ve not turned the whole list into everything of her products!

 Friends seson 1-10 complete collection

Friends Complete Box Set Seasons 1-10 – I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love friends, even if they don’t know it, they love it.  I mean come on, even my Dad loves friends (I’m not even joking the other day I was watching the ‘PIVOT’ episode and he came to join me but that’s a whole other story).

Yankee 12 christmas votives

Yankee Candle Christmas Votives House

Design your own perfume set

Design Your Own Perfume Kit – Just saying, I want one.  This looks so fun.  And also really cute packaging.  Yes please.

B. skin hamper

B. Skin Hamper – This includes some good skincare stuff & then Frerro Roches, and come on, who doesn’t like Frerro Roches.  Food for the skin & food for the belly.

Okay, so that is us done!  All in all (for my two versions) this probably took six hours. It’d better be useful because clearly it was v time consuming.

So, my next post is 20 Amazing Gift Sets for Teen Boys.  I am aware that it is going to be hard, and probably will end up a  bit shit, but I’ll enlist the help of my brother & his Christmas list and we’ll see what happens.

I guess that is all!

I’m A Zalfie Fanatic Out!♥



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    LOVE bayliss and harding..and yes packaging is so so so mportant; the finished guide is gorgeous though!

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