My Five Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials!

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be doing anything for Halloween this year, even so, I am super excited & am getting very festive!!  I’ve decided to gather some of my favourite makeup tutorials specifically for Halloween & put them here for you!

Hopefully this will inspire some of you as to what you’d like to be for Halloween, and don’t forget to tell me about your makeup/costume in the comments!!

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Anyway, let me get started!

Cherry Wallis does some excellent Halloween makeup tutorials.  This one shows you how to do a black/bruised eye, and is great because you could incorporate it into so may different looks; Zombie, corpse bride, or even just someone who’s been beaten up pretty badly! She is really detailed with what she does, and makes it look super easy! While this is a really simple one, compared to some that you’ll see, I think it has a really good effect – plus it doesn’t look too far fetched.

This one I just stumbled across (very) recently as I was ambling my way through the various pages of tutorials YouTube has to offer, and it really tickled my fancy.  My immediate thought was this looks like an everyday makeup and not at all Halloween and then I thought,  Thats it! This look is really great for those of you who aren’t into the whole facepaints & blood and gore SFX makeup, and can be worn throughout the Halloween period really, if you fancy getting a little festive early.  I particularly love the eyes, as they can definitely be worn without a Halloween costume (as can the lipstick & whole look) but I particularly like the eyes.  You could also add some vampire teeth to this look (buy some HERE) and make it into two looks.

Promise from Dope2111 does amazing, and I mean amazing, Halloween makeup tutorials however this Avatar one is a particular favourite of mine.  I think she does such an excellent job at this & makes it look super duper easy (they’re good at that, these makeup experts).  I just love this, and think it would be cool if someone did this where they went with the other boy Avatar (I’ve never seen avatar, apologies for the bad names ahah).

This tutorial which shows you how to be a deer is extremely cute, and also leads you into Christmas very well. It is super cute and very different, as often people tend to go with a Cat or something similar for Halloween, not a deer.  This also looks really easy, I want to try it!

This tutorial is probably the creepiest one on the list, as I hate clowns I could NEVER go as this but if you’re willing to be a clown *shudders*, then go for this!! I think it is super realistic & really easy (or at least it looks it!)

Thanks for checking this out!! Tell me what your favourite video was, and leave me a comment if you have any you think I’d like!

Thanks again,

Zalfie Fanatic Out!


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