30 Things I’m Looking Forward To In Autumn/Winter 2015!!

Hello October, old friend.  Finally, you have come back to please us with your gorgeous presence of Autumnal-Wintriness.  You make me very happy October, very very happy. I don’t even know why, I guess I just really super duper love you.  I mean then I can have moments like hot chocolate & artistic pictures with leaves & cuddles with cats & blankets & general autumn-y things, then I can make it look like I stepped out of a perfect blog full of perfect tumblriness fit for autumn.  And I think we both know that is not what this blog is!!  But I digress….

I’m here today to list a bunch (which is the very technical term for 30) of things that I’m looking forward to in Autumn/Winter.  And I mean Autumn, but Autumn goes by so fast, and I didn’t want to leave winter out.  Plus, England is so cold all year round, it may as well be winter already, and Christ we’ve only just left summer!

So, here we go, 30 things I am looking forward to in A/W:

  1. Dark nights where you can see all the stars and its really crisp and cold.
  2. Cosy nights (it’s all about the nights)where you watch a really cute film and put the fire on and just sit in the warmth with the crisp coldness outside.
  3. My cats brining leaves in and chasing them about the floor.
  4. Walks in the leaves when it is just dropping dark.
  5. Flannel/Lumberjack (I call them lumberjack, don’t ask. I’m on about those checked shirts that make up the other half of my wardrobe) shirts under really thick warm jumpers.
  6. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.
  7. Seeing my breath in the air on a morning/evening.
  8. Taking pictures of the leaves.
  9. Wearing gold eyeshadow.
  10. Curling up in a festively decorated armchair and reading a book.
  11.  Dark lipsticks.
  12. When you walk by a radiator and you can feel the heat kicking out at you.
  13. Cute slippers that you can skid about the floor in.
  14. Hats and scarves and mittens.
  15. Bonfire night & Halloween.
  16. Leaves changing colour.
  17. Fog – It has been foggy the past 2 mornings and I LOVED it!
  18. Cuddles with my cats.
  19. Pumpkins.
  20. Cute socks.
  21. Walking through leaves just to hear them crunch.
  22. When it rains really heavily and you just sit there and watch it.
  24. When the air smells like bonfire night on a night time.
  25. Wearing boots.
  26. Apple crumble.
  27. Blankets.
  28. Cinnamon.
  29. Wellies (Welly Boots?).
  30. The colours!

So that is me and what I’m looking forward to in A/W 2015, tell me in the comments what you’re looking forward to!  Are we looking forward to any of the same things or are yours a little bit different? Any post suggestions are welcomed & I hope you have a really great week from here onwards!!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!

P.S – Really exciting post coming after this one, two in one night – look at me!!


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