I realise that I’ve not kept up to my blogging schedule.  I have had lots of family things going on & a lot of homework.

This weekend I’m going shopping first with my Grandparents from my Dads side, and on Sunday with my Grandma from my Mum’s side.  My brother is away on Scout Camp so I have the house to myself.

I’ll be doing a haul tomorrow as the next day I don’t think I’ll buy anything as we are shopping for homeware for my Grandma’s new house, curtains to be specific!

I promise to get back into the groove of it all by Sunday, but this last week has just been really hectic and I just needed some time, everyone does once in a while.

Here are some posts you can expect, because I’m so lovely I just love giving you teasers to my probably not arriving ever posts ;)!

  • Murder Notebooks book review
  • Not Withought My Daughter book review (in a long time, very thick book, and very little time to read)!
  • Haul (tomorrow)
  • 50 favourite things in my room tag (I want to give you all an insight to my bedroom)
  • Room tour, incomplete & generally rubbish.  I want to document my decorating progress on my room.
  • Summer – Winter transitional makeup inspiration.

That’s only a few, but I promise I’ll get back into the groove & you’ll see some posts very very soon!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!


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