Ikea Haul & Room Inspiration

Firstly, so you know that I’m sticking to my Blogging Schedule, this is a room inspiration LIST.

So, I am always decorating my room, adding bits to it and moving furniture around.  My favourite place to find cute things for my room is in fact IKEA, and more importantly, Market Hall in IKEA.

I’ll be doing a post soon on my strange obsession with IKEA, but today I’m here to show you a haul from IKEA, where I went tonight & got a little too excited.  But hey, I didn’t spend too much because everything in there is so affordable.

But, here is the haul!


Firstly I bought this ceramic long tray for £4.00 and I’m not sure on the name, and I bought some pink & lilac tall candles to sit on it.  They’re obviously called LUGGA, but I’m not sure on the tray (when I find out I’ll add it in).  As the image on the candle says, the candles don’t actually smell like blush, but they smell like some lovely sweet flowers, a really nice smell that isn’t too strong and not too floral.  I really like them. Ironically these candles are for my dressing table so the supposed ‘blush’ scent is rather fitting.

Here’s a few artistic shots of them in action:


So, I really like them and for £5.00 they were really good value, great quality candles with a really good scent, plus they’ll last me ages!

Next are these two cups, which cost 50p each (I love how IKEA’S kitchen stuff is so cheap!  And also so cute!).  I love them to the moon and back because as you can see one has a really bold, interesting aztec design on it and the other has FLAMINGOS!!  And I rather like flamingos!


Here is the flamingo one in action (very active, holding my drink….)


(sneak peak at some upcoming book reviews there guys!  And my Of Mice & Men textbook – has anyone done that before?  Is it good in the end?)

For £4.50 I managed to bag this gorgeous Orchid flower, which sits beautifully on my dressing table and matches my room perfectly.  It’s a living plant (well no…you know it’s not fake) and I’m not sure how that will go down, most likely it will die, however I need to water it after this post.


And here’s an attempt at an interesting, artistic shot of it by the candles:


Next is this SKURAR plant pot which I have re-purposed to be used as a make-up brush holder, a very popular idea which I have seen floating about online.  I want to say this was £4.00, but It may have been more or less (I’ll correct this when I’m sure, I’ll check online).


Anyway, I’m using some ‘crushed glass sand’, KULORT, to stand my brushes up in. There was red, black, orange and blue but they wouldn’t have looked right, but I managed to bag this neutral beige-gray colour.  I used it all up, and it was £1.75.IMG_2828

Here is a shot of my complete make-up brush holder:


It looks nicer in person. Trust me.

Anyway, that is it for the haul, let me quickly show you my now complete dressing table which I am very very happy with:


So, now onto bedroom inspiration, which needs to be quick because I’m about to go to bed.


I like how the bed above looks so full & messy, yet put together.  And I really love the lamp.  I’m jealous if you can do this with your room.

sitting poufs

I want a seating area in my room full of these woven poufs, not in these colours but in varying sizes.  I think it would look really cute and cosy.  Again, jealousy overcomes me if you can do this.


At the moment these mandala style patterns are really inspiring me to put one over my bed.  Especially the black and white ones with ELEPHANTS!! (FYI- that’s twice I’ve put animals in caps locks in one post)

mandala bed

I really love the blue colour in this bedding and how mismatched the whole room is yet it is also so matched, if you get me? It looks so full & gorgeous as a bed.  I don’t even know how to make my bed look so full, because no matter how hard I try I can never achieve it.

me like

My Mum would go mad with my room if it looked like this, because it would be way too ‘busy’ but I really love the tapestry thing behind the bed.  But this wouldn’t suit my style, which is a bit ‘less is more’ when it comes to bedrooms.  However this is super cute and you could turn your room into some sort of spiritual zen paradise.


I don’t think I know a single person who wouldn’t want this in their room. I mean, come on. How nice would it be to wake up there?  Warm and cosy and cute and ugh I love it and I want one!!

shelving display

These sorts of wall displays make me really happy and I might do one above my desk (I don’t know where I’ll find polaroids from though, but I’m on the hunt).

Right well that’s all, short I know, but I I didn’t have much time to plan a list and didn’t want to dive into super christmassy ones (just yet, saving it for the end of October). I hope you’re inspired to do something, whatever that may be, to your bedroom & enjoyed the little bits I got from IKEA.  I’ll see you all tomorrow in Tuseday’s post!

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥

P.S- At the moment it seems as if I’m always in the process of decorating my bedroom! But as I’m finishing it (or well on the way to), would you guys like little room tours, various ones with a more in depth one at the end?  I’m not sure as of yet how I’d create that, but I feel like every Sunday I could post one, like a little update on what I’ve changed etc? Do you like?  Comment with your opinions & what you’d like to see!



  1. October 3, 2015 / 7:47 am

    oooooh love this post; do you mind if i do a room inspo post (ofc with credit 😉 )

      • October 3, 2015 / 7:50 am

        thanks doll; have you seen the urban outfitters hanging terraniums? im in love!

        • October 3, 2015 / 7:52 am

          No, but I must check their website. I have seen hanging terrariums floating about the internet but I’ll check them out.

          • October 3, 2015 / 7:55 am

            i feel like i need hanging terrariums in my room…ah dont even bother urban outfitters is beautiful and depressingly expensive 🙁

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