Back To School With ZF: School Makeup/Emergency Bag

Today I’m here to share with you guys the bag I’m bringing to school this year as my makeup/emergency bag & what I’m putting in it! 

The reason I have called it a makeup/emergency bag is because it isn’t makeup related, at least not too much.  On a day to day basis, it’s contents may change as I may throw in a powder or lipstick, but most often it won’t contain my makeup as I tend not to bring it to school as I rarely have time to re-apply it.  So, as an emergency bag (which probably sounds far too drastic, so a ‘just incase’ bag is probably better) this will house things like hair-ties and a compact mirror etc for minor emergencies.  

Let’s just get onto the real subject of this post shall we? 

This is my bag.  I love it so much oh my good lord. It was £3.00 from Primark which is great value for the size/quality of the bag.  It has gold hardware, if you will (I’m referring to the P.S sign on the front, primark’s beauty line) and the zip is also engraved with P.S.  It has this cute pink and white Paisley design which is a weird shade of pink, like a bright pastel/light neon.  It’s hard to explain as the photo dosen’t pick it up too well.  Inside you can also see it has a zippy pocket on the side, which is handy for storing small items.

The first thing we’ve got is this tin from PaperChase which I use for my earrings when I take them out in P.E. It also includes a spare pair of earrings in incase I need another pair (I could loose the ones I had one and I have a thing about having earrings in, my ears go weird if not. I could need a spare back, you don’t know).  I put my earrings in this little tin when I take them out so I don’t loose them.  It’s a really cute tin too.  I got this for Christmas a few years back now, so I’m not sure if they sell it anymore/how much it is.

Next I have a compact, pop up brush which is matte black.  It was £2.99 from boots and it is one of those items everyone needs as they are so helpful.  Because you get a mirror in them you don’t need to bring a compact mirror (I still do though)! 

  The brush popped up.  

So, as I said I still bring a compact mirror as the one above in the brush isn’t the best. I got this for Christmas a few years ago so I’m not even sure where it’s from but it’s really good & I really like it!

Next is lip balms, I always bring two depending on my mood.  The carmex (which is amazing and in my opinion better than vaseline) was a pound from Primark, and the vaseline £2.99 I believe from Tescos with the mirrored holder.

   Carmex is great for clearing up chapped lips & providing on the spot relief from chapped lips pain!

 Vaseline is great for adding a touch of subtle colour to your lips!

I have these eye makeup remover pads, Quickies.  I use them all over my face however, and they’re really good! My Grandma grabbed me these when she was in Superdrug a while back, so I’m not sure how much they cost but I’m sure not too expensive.  They’re great for correction makeup mistakes through the day. 

Next I have a tin which I put all my bobby pins into, for if I possibly needed them.  

The zippy pouch in the bag contains some of my hair ties.  I swear it comes to P.E or Food Tech and I’m always the one without a bobble! Then your only option is to use an elastic band courtesy of an ever so caring teacher!


Then the last item is a deodorant.  I realise roll on deodorants are less bulky but sprays work better I feel.  So, this is pomegranate and I think lemon verbena (whatever that is)!


That’s everything from my emergency/makeup bag! There’s just one last thing that falls under this category that isn’t in this pouch. 

This pouch houses a few femenine products incase the time comes (not that it has yet) at school.  And nobody would know…

Anyway, there you go! The second, slightly late instalment to ‘Back To School With ZF’! 

Tomorrow will be a what’s in my school bag post! 

Zalfie Fanatic Out!



  1. August 26, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    love this, its such a good idea; i have an essentials bag too but mines a little different ^.^

    • August 26, 2015 / 4:34 pm

      Yeah, I think they’re great because you can personalise them to cater to your needs!☺️

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