Back To School With ZF: Organisation & Study Tips

So, here is the first part to ‘back to school with ZF’.  Sorry it took such a while to get to you, but my laptop died and I have only just found the charger after I came back from my Grandma & Grandad’s.

So, here are my organisation tips for a successful, procrastination free school year!

1. When writing notes or studying, writing in colour rather than black/blue ink.  The information will stay in your mind much better.

2. Another study tip, introducing a new scent/taste while studying and have the same scent/taste while doing the test you’re studying for.  This will make you remember what you were studying.

3. Write things down.  I always write things down to make myself stay organised.  I think everyone should own a diary/planner.  I get one provided by school & I write most school related things in it (homework due dates, events etc).  It helps me stay organised and on track with my work.  Then at home I have a weekly planner (like pictured below) to write down blogging details etc.  This helps me keep updated with my (un apparent) schedule.

That is my exact one.  If you’d like a more detailed guide to how I plan this out then I can definetly do that for you guys!

4. Make sure you are prepared! There is nothing worse than not having pens/pencils or couloiringg items.  You’ll need these for projects and other homework, so it’s best to have them.  I recommend that everyone at school has at least the basics:

*optional/if teachers require it

A pen & a spare pen

A pencil & a spare pencil

A sharpener and rubber/eraser

A ruler

A highlighter

*green/red biro

I think those should be in anyone’s bag as a minimum, and that is what I bring with me to school in a pencil case.

Then for at home you should have some colouring things for if you’re making a poster etc.  Also havin a few spare pens, pencils and other basics at home is a good idea.

This way you can try and complete your homework on time and to a decent standard!

5. Organise your computer.  I don’t know if it’s just me (it probably is, and it’s probably weird) but I tend to do a lot, if not all of my homework on the computer. So, here’s the weird part, I organise my computer.  Take for instance this:

School Work – would be the name of my file. Inside the file I’d have mini child files, which are subject names.  Say I’ll have Maths, English, Geography…. You get the gist?

So, all my work will be organised into certain, subject appropriate files.  And inside those subject files, I’ll have more files separating my homework from notes.  And inside the notes file I’ll have topics, and in the homework file I will have draft files/the real thing.  This is what my Maths file would look like:

School Work


Maths H/WK.          Maths Notes.

Drafts.                      Algebra

Final Pieces             Data

So that’s just a (bad) representation of how my files are set out so I can be super organised!

6. Take notes when you’re in class, even if only very rough.  Write them up to be more understandable later, and you’ll benefit from them later.

7.  When you study with cute stationary you’ll feel more accomplished.  I don’t know that for sure, I’ve not tested it or anything but I’m pretty sure it’s true.  At least it effects me like this.

8. When studying you need a spot that is comfortable, well lit, free of distractions & a good size.  This way you’ll work way more & be much more efficient.

9.  Specifically if you’re studying for a big, important test, you should limit your time on the internet to only an hour a night unless you’re using internet resources for studying.  This is one of the steps to stay distraction free while studying!

10. Make sure your room stays in a tidy state to allow you to be calmer.  Then when studying you won’t be worrying about what you have to do.  Another thing to do is create to-do lists.

Okay so that is all the tips that I have come up with for you guys today!  I’m really sorry that this first post took such a while to get to you!  I’m spending most of my day today making lots of posts that I can post for you guys, so hopefully we can stay on a daily schedule!

Please comment with your ideas for what you guys want in the back to school series!!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!♥



  1. August 25, 2015 / 7:57 pm

    these are great points! especially the tidy room one; your room being tidy makes you feel so much more productive its crazy

    • August 25, 2015 / 8:02 pm

      I know right, my rooms so tidy atm (idk how) and I feel very productive

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