New Series: Back To School With ZF

Right, first lets apologise (for the 316279 time on this blog) about my absence.  I’m not going to make any fancy excuses or anything, simply tell you that I: 

A. Didn’t want to blog – I needed a break & generally didn’t fancy it. 

B. Had ‘writers block’ except blogger’s style, ‘blogger’s block’ I guess.  

C. Was too tired after I got back from my holidays to even think about anything.  Then my Auntie & Cousins came over for a few days and we did absolutely nothing (very frustrating & boring).  Then over to my Grandma & Grandad’s for a few days which dosen’t have the best wifi, but was great! My Grandad recently bought a soft top car and we drove around in that a heck of a lot, anyway, I digress. 

So, there we go.  

Anyway, onto the main topic of this short information post, as I drive back from my Grandparent’s (2hr drive).  I’m starting a back to school series!! 

This excites me because well, bags & stationary & hauls & ugh & cute stuff.  

This also makes me sad because, well, it is like two or three weeks until school starts again.  I suppose starting this series is me, sub-consciously trying to prepare to go back to school.  Trying to bring myself round to the sad realisation that yes, it has to happen, yes, it will happen and no, I cannot stop it. 

Ispiration wise, I had been toying with the idea on and off through my afore mentioned ‘blogger’s block’ period.  Then, when Mia from Okaaythen – a favourite blog of mine, please go check her out, created a post on back to school essentials, I was further inspired & motivated to create my series.  And that is where the very very un-creative (is that even a word?) title was born: 

Back To School With ZF

Even having it in a bold font, it sounds horrible.  However it is the best I could come up with.  And I know, technically, my name is I’m a zalfie fanatic, but I sign of my blog posts with Zalfie Fanatic, so I just supposed ZF worked better.  Anyway, I’m not going through the logistics of the name to make it sound better (that’s not what you’re doing at all, are you? *note very sarcastic voice).

So, I do this post prior to posting my first post of the series to tell you about what posts I will be posting (oh how you love to say post, post, post, post post post.

And not in this order, these are some of the posts I will be posti-PUTTING UP. 

  • School bag inspiration 
  • Pencil case inspiration
  • School outfits (for those of you lucky enough to not be under the force of teachers forcing us to wear pristine uniforms)
  • School makeup bags
  • Beauty essentials
  • School shoe inspiration (for those of us forced to wear specific shoes stop school, and who are finding it very hard to find shoes that adhere to these specific rules)
  • Stationary hauls
  • DIY stationary 
  • What’s in my school bag
  • Goals for school year 
  • Organisation & study tips

Those are just a few, and as you can see this means I would be posting quite a bit. At least more often than I have been doing recently. 

Anyway, there’s a little update, and expect the first post later today! 

Zalfie Fanatic Out 📒(I get to use school emojis because I wrote that whole masterpiece on my phone!) 



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