France Hair Inspiration 

Okay well Mother wouldn’t let me do a look book as she was packing for France.  This was my freaking plan for this post and I have now got to change it. 

Do not fear though, as in France I’ll blog what I’m wearing daily/every two days or at least when what I’m wearing is worthy of being shown, and at the end we’ll gather all those posts up into a look book.  Yay. 

Anyway, today’s equally exciting post is a bunch of hairstyle inspiration for France.  I want to learn how to do all of these.  And I’m a bit hooked up on braids into buns & ponytails at the moment.  

I’m also as sad as you are about the look book situation.  Seriously.  The only person to blame is my Mother.  Her fault entirely. 

Anyway, onwards and upwards.  

    I really love this bun.  It is just so elegant and I really want it.  It looks so difficult though.  :,(

  Side French braids into fishtails will be the death of me.  Guess what guys? I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS ONE OMG IK!


This is going the be the way that I get my hair out of my face all holiday.  

 I’m so wearing this to the beach.  So gorgeous and pulls my hair right off my face.   

I’m wearing this out to my birthday meal in Lyon.  When I learn to do it of course. 

  This wouldn’t suit me *sob* but it is so nice.

What did I say about braids and ponytails?

 I can do this one! I can do fishtails!
This will inevitably rip my hair out but I’m so buying one.  Primark do gorgeous ones.

 I love flower crowns that are simple.  Not thick big ones but understated little ones like this.

And this one.

 And ribbons as hair ties are amazing.  I’m collecting ribbons. 
Anyway, quick post but thought I would share and inspire you guys! Has my job been fulfilled? I do hope so. 

Zalfie Fanatic Out ✌🏻(just so you know this post was really hard to make on a phone)*cries because it took me an hour to make such a small post* 


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