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I feel pretty guilty for my lack of posting and I know I have let myself and you guys down.  SHAME ME NOW!! I’m only human …

So this, this is why at 10:00pm I have decided to start composing a blog post.  Along with the fact that I have mega news!

My braces have come off! I wish I could show you a picture, but I want to show you the before and after pictures when I get them.

The removal process was actually pretty painless, but SUPER LOUD, and for that reason, it was very daunting.  This is why I reccomend earphones with loud music.

They pull your brace off essentially all in one, bracket by bracket however the wire comes out with it.  Then the loudness starts:

They take a polishing pen and scratch away any glue residue, then switch to polishing needle for trickier parts.  When my orthodontist said this:

“Can I have a polish needle?” To the dental nurse, I freaked and started murmuring.

“Needle? What needle?” Was what I said.  And just so, well, you know, I was comfortable with the fact that the needle was heading into my mouth, they gave it a quick vibrate in front of my face.  You know, just to settle my nerves.  They continued and it wasn’t bad at all.

Then they used one of those water and mouth hoovering devices, and I also had my nerves settled by having my arm water sprayed then hoovered up.  Dentists are weird.

Oh yeah, I also had retainer moulds which were rank and identical to brace moulds.  Basically, to put it nicely, I almost puked on my dentists hands.  Nice.  I’m sure she loves me, no 1 patient!

I’m picking my retainer up on Saturday, so I’ll be sure to do a post about it for you!

I guess I thought you guys might want to know about removing braces, I wish this post existed before I got mine removed.  Very reassuring.

Also, my teeth have achieved the million dollar smile thing, and I can’t stop flashing my nashers at anyone who will allow me.

Bye for now!

Zalfie Fanatic Out ➰


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