Sakura Bath Bomb Review


The Sakura bath bomb by lush is okay. The smells are really floral so if you like floral scents this is definitely for you. Personally I prefer sweet smells, or fruity ones, so the floral scent didn’t really go down well with me.

As for the bath bomb itself it dosen’t do much to your water, other than give it a off white cream-ish colour, not my favourite. It adds some blue sea salt in but that dissolved pretty quickly. It fizzed and took about 1-2 minutes for half of it to fizz away.

My skin was left really soft, which for me is the really good point of this bomb. The water was really moisturising and silky.

All in all I’d give a 6/10 for this bath bomb.

Good points:

Silky water
Moisturising feel
Locks in all the goodness
Soft skin after.
Strong floral scent ( if you like that, which I don’t )

Bad points:

Floral scent (personally I didn’t like it)
Nothing exciting goes on with fizzing
Colour of bath water after
Fast dissolving salt
Left the bottom of my bath slightly gritty, but maybe I gave it little time to dissolve.

Okay so Thankyou for reading, I hope it was useful!

Zalfie fanatic out ✌️


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